Scottish CND Online Peace Shop

Scottish CND is the universally respected  source for up to date information, research  and resources that support the Scottish anti-nuclear movement and  feeds into the wider global peace movement. We are one of the largest and longest running peace organisations in Scotland campaigning against nuclear weapons

At festivals, demos and public events our stall is  always busy with people interested in buying our merchandise. This doesn't just raise funds for our important work, it also helps to  spread the message and builds contacts and relationships with the peace movement and beyond. 

As well as our regular range of T-shirts, badges and publications we have recently  widened our range to include handmade earrings and peace bunting as well as more exotic items such as peace knickers!

Many of our products are handmade by Scottish CND volunteers, some from recycled, or re-purposed materials.  

All our products are posted out in recycled packaging from our office in the West End of Glasgow

We can be contacted