Independent & Free vest top (Ladies)

Independent & Free vest top (Ladies)

  • £8.00


The message on this t shirt reads 'independent & free' with a peace logo in white on a blue background.

Ladies vest tops

  • sleeveless
  • scooped neck
  • contoured body shape
  • long body length
  • curved lower hem

Please check the accurate sizing below. This message is also available in v necked style for ladies and standard loose fitting unisex t shirt  

Actual sizes 

  • XL: chest 90cm (36"), back length 70cm (28") 
  • L: chest 88cm (35"), back length 67cm (26")
  • M: chest 86cm (34"), back length 66cm (26")
  • S: chest 78cm (31"), back length 66cm (26")